Get to know me better and what you can potentially get up to in the world of travel, health and drinks, and health with yours truly.

About Karabo

I’m Karabo, the girl you probably have been seeing on Instagram with a lot of passion for travel. One thing you cannot tell about me is that I hate cheese, yup I do! This does not stop me from eating all the other food I want except for shellfish because I could die.

Travel with Karabo was created as a platform to express my passion for travel within South Africa and beyond. Since the relaunch, the blog has been designed to incorporate creative YouTube videos that showcase my love for food and SA drinks including ways that young people can lead inexpensive healthy lifestyles, and other things in between.

I wish the name of my blog was inspired by something mighty but then again, I feel mighty, like you. Anyway, this is to inspire you, YES YOU! to start living little by little your travel dreams.

When I am not exploring the Western Cape which is where I am based, I am at work at a social justice organisation where I hold a Business Development and Fundraising position. Sometimes I am just sleeping thinking about how not to panic about the small business I started in 2018.

Alas, let’s travel our country!

Don’t be afraid to catch feelings along with those flights

Karabo M.

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